Auditions for the following positions: Co-Principal Cello, Tutti Cello, Tutti violin

Auditions will be held on Wednesday, 06.02.2019, 14:30, at Dora-Ramat Yadin hall in 35 Nachum street, Netanya.

Candidates are requested to apply by e-mail to: together with a detailed C.V. in English

Auditions can be sent also recorded as an unedited and unlisted YouTube clip, link sent to together with CV, at the latest 06.02.2019.


Cello – Co-Principal

Orchestra's excerpts:

Cello – tutti

Orchestra's excerpts:

Excerpt book:

Violin Tutti

Orchestra's excerpts (1st violin parts):

Excerpt book:

Instructions for recording the audition:

1. The whole audition (concerto and orchestral excerpts) must be recorded in one take (sequence) without editing.
2. Concerto part must be accompanied by a well-tuned piano.
3. The volume of the recording should not be set on automatic mode in order to hear dynamics.

4. No smartphone recording.
5. A large room or hall without excessive reverb is preferred.

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