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The Bandoneon was originally an instrument that was played in the bordellos in Buenos Aires, and it took as long as well
in to the 21st century for it to enter the classical concert stages around the world. Today however, it has become one of
the most popular newcomers among classical music, and there are already a handful full time international soloists in the
classical music environment. One of the biggest shining stars is the young Swedish Bandoneonist Jens Lundberg, a former
student of the legendary Juan José Mosalini from Argentina, considered side by side with Piazzolla the most prominent
.interpreter of the instrument ever.


Conductor: Christian Lindberg
Guest artists: Jens Lundberg bandoneon soloist
Ludwig van Beethoven: Corolian Overture
Astor Piazzolla: The 4 Seasons of Buenos Aires
Homage to Mussorgsky: A new work by a composer-Tomer Rozen from Buchman-Mehta School of Music
Modest Mussorgsky/Christian Lindberg: Pictures at an Exhibition

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